Houston Tactical Training 
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Our approach to the best slots where you can win money apps is based on Real World tactics that work.  With years of Martial Arts Training and Fighting, it becomes apparent that some techniques work and kostenlose spielen.

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We will teach you the simple techniques that work.  These are the techniques that our Special Warfare Units are taught to protect themselves in real novoline online casino echtgeld.

Simple and Effective!!

Any class can be taught as a women only or coed class.

Basic Self Defense, in and out of the home, is a 16 hour course that will be broken into 2 segments and the cost is $175 for an ind. or $ 300 per couple for a class of 8 or more.  Private classes are available. This course is similar to the NRA course, with more information and training, including hand-to-hand.  Who says you will have your firearm within arms reach when an intruder enters your home? Equipment per person:  Approx. 250 rounds of ammo, hip holster and or concealed carry holster (purse), Hearing and Eye Protection, Possibly knee pads if you need or want them.  Hat, Sun Screen, and Bug Spray.

Hand-to-Hand Basic Self Defense is an 8 hour course of real world techniques that work.   There will be ground work, and we will work from your current skill levels.  The cost is $75/individual and $125/couple for a class of 8 or more.  Private classes are available.

Basic Self Defense is a 4 hour course which includes gun retention, and basic methods of self defense and or escape in the event of an attack and the cost is $45 for a class of 8 or more.  Private classes are available.

Any class can be customized to an individual’s specific needs or desires.

Contact us at: [email protected]
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